The Cultural Initiative will celebrate Hip-Hop at Howard on August 10, 2023.


Hip-Hop turns 50 at Howard

Hip Hop 50 is a dynamic and engaging hip hop conference that aims to bring together artists, industry professionals, enthusiasts, and scholars to celebrate and explore the vibrant culture of hip hop. This conference provides a platform to discuss, showcase, and inspire innovation within the realms of music, dance, fashion, visual arts, and socio-cultural impact.

The Cultural Initiative, Inc. will host a panel on Thursday, August 10, 2023:
10:15 am - 11:45 am
Howard University
Washington DC, 20005
Douglass Hall, Room 103
Registration: $10


Timothy Jones: Share YOUR Hip-Hop Conference Story!


Share YOUR
Hip-Hop Conference Story

If you played a role, any kind of role, in the birth and evolution of the hop hop conferences at Howard University (1991 - 1996), then we want to hear from you!

The hip-hop conferences at Howard University belong to everyone who played a role in making them happen. Let the world know how you contributed to the birth of a hip-hop movement.

We're committed to sharing as many stories as possible. Upload your material with us. You'll retain your copyrights. We're just sharing the love!

Happy 30th Anniversary to all of us!


Derek Dudley, Common's Manager and Executive Producer, shares the impact of the Hip-Hop Conference on his life and career during the 30th Anniversary Celebration.

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30th Anniversary Celebration of the Hip-Hop Conference (2021)

In February 1991, a collection of cultural stakeholders (students, industry professionals, university personnel and community members) came together at Howard University. What drew us together? The state of our communities and the promise and potential of Hip-Hop as we ventured into the 1990s. "Hip-Hop at its Crossroads: Seizing the Cultural Initiative" was the theme of our initial gathering at Howard University. This gathering in 1991 birthed what became the annual Hip-Hop conference held at Howard University until 1996. The Cultural Initiative was the company formed to design and deliver the annual Hip-Hop conference at Howard University from 1992-1996.

The 30th anniversary celebration of the Hip-Hop conference is our opportunity to say thank you to everyone who participated in the conference over the years. It is an opportunity to begin to create an online repository for generations of Hip-Hop practitioners, scholars and fans to learn about a conference and a group of young people that helped influence the growth of Hip-Hop into every aspect of our society. This celebration is our way of providing a space for some to look back and reflect and for others to be inspired to make Hip-Hop history in their own way - to be celebrated 30 years from now.

Happy 30th Anniversary to all of us!

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Hip-Hop Conference Photos (1991-1996)

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Photo Credits: Adreinne Waheed

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